Guangdong Weilian Electronics Co., Ltd. holds staff promotion meeting

2021-01-12 10:47:24 40

On November 17, 2020, the work report meeting of Guangdong Weilian Electronics Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters. The general manager, senior executives, department heads, outstanding employee representatives, nearly 10 employees with promotion qualification and all employees attended the meeting.图片关键词 The report meeting is divided into three parts: work report, judges' questions and on-site scoring. The staff gave a speech on the next step of business development, technology improvement, internal management, R & D and innovation. During the on-site interactive questioning session, the judges asked questions on the implementation of work plans and ideas, current problems to be solved, and the staff members answered the questions raised by the judges one by one.



General manager Huang, general manager Qin, deputy general manager PI and deputy general manager Zhong fully affirmed the achievements of all the staff members and the organizational work of this promotion report meeting. At the same time, we encourage all staff to give full play to their subjective initiative, deepen management reform, and accelerate the implementation of the company's business strategic planning of building a "big rear area, big middle platform" system.