Company History

08-2006    Dongguan Haode Electronic Was Founded (Electronic components trade)

05-2015    Dongguan Haode Electronic Factory was Founded (PCBA Research and development )

07-2016    Dongguan Huilian  Electronic Factory Was Founded(research and development sales)

09-2019    Merge Haode and Huilian two companies .Weallans Was founded

12-2020     Weallans Passed the ISOJoin the HDMI Association ,More than 20 patents have been applied,Set up lean production workshop

11-2021     Research and development of more than 160 types of trial production,incremental Patents Over 40 ,

                  Promote lean production,Fast charging source product development

2022----     Comprehensively expand the 3C product market,Substantial capacity increase plan

                  The ratio of R&D spending is expanding again,Fine management